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“MXX is visceral yet thoughtful space thriller bad-assery, with a principled, guarded, and flawed protagonist who barely makes it out of any given set piece alive.”
Nina Post, Amazon Review
“…together with the excellent plot, action, and characters, gets this book a solid 4 out of 4 stars.”
NanoWasabi (, Review
“…this is one of the best pieces of science fiction I have ever read! Donald does an amazing job with character development and description. From the very beginning, he had me hooked on this story.”
Kelly G., Amazon Review

MXX: Agent Soldier – Book Trailer

“The author has built a very dark and dangerous Sci-Fi galaxy and created a hero/anti-hero cut from the same cloth as Robert E. Howard’s Conan.”
S. C. Mitchell, Goodreads Review
“MXX: Agent Soldier is packed full of action, and delivers conflict and suspense in a really enjoyable way. Add in some interesting tech and it’s nearly impossible to read this book and not enjoy it.”
Joseph Ulm, Amazon Review