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“It was a great story line and kept me enthralled the entire time I was reading it!”
Renee Spicuzza, Amazon Review
“…together with the excellent plot, action, and characters, gets this book a solid 4 out of 4 stars.”
NanoWasabi (, Review
“…this is one of the best pieces of science fiction I have ever read! Donald does an amazing job with character development and description. From the very beginning, he had me hooked on this story.”
Kelly G., Amazon Review

MXX: Agent Soldier – Book Trailer

“The author has built a very dark and dangerous Sci-Fi galaxy and created a hero/anti-hero cut from the same cloth as Robert E. Howard’s Conan.”
S. C. Mitchell, Goodreads Review
“MXX: Agent Soldier is packed full of action, and delivers conflict and suspense in a really enjoyable way. Add in some interesting tech and it’s nearly impossible to read this book and not enjoy it.”
Joseph Ulm, Amazon Review
“Space Science Fiction at its best!”
JoJo Maxson, Amazon Review