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MXX: Agent Soldier Novel. Photography. Sci-Fi Art.

Below are links to the novel, MXX: Agent Soldier, in Kindle, paperback and hardcover formats. Also linked are signed and limited edition photography prints, and metallic MXX art poster prints.

“MXX is visceral yet thoughtful space thriller bad-assery, with a principled, guarded, and flawed protagonist who barely makes it out of any given set piece alive.”
Nina Post, Amazon Review
“…together with the excellent plot, action, and characters, gets this book a solid 4 out of 4 stars.”
NanoWasabi (Onlinebookclub.org), Onlinebookclub.org Review

MXX: Agent Soldier – Book Trailer

“The author has built a very dark and dangerous Sci-Fi galaxy and created a hero/anti-hero cut from the same cloth as Robert E. Howard’s Conan.”
S. C. Mitchell, Goodreads Review
“MXX: Agent Soldier is packed full of action, and delivers conflict and suspense in a really enjoyable way. Add in some interesting tech and it’s nearly impossible to read this book and not enjoy it.”
Joseph Ulm, Amazon Review