This page is intended to give you a small taste of my writing style by posting information about my novel, and linking a few of my favorite short stories. As always, thank you for reading.

MXX: Agent Soldier
MXX: Agent SoldierPublished Novel
A dystopain science fiction novel published by Tenth Page. “MXX: Agent Soldier” is currently available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle (ebook) formats, and in paperback at Barnes & Noble, Abe Books, Book Depository and many other great outlets.
The Bounty
The BountyShort Story
A 2,000 word Western short story, written to challenge myself in a genre I don’t normally write or read.
How Much Longer?
How Much Longer?Short Story
This short story was written for Notting Hill Games for the IRPMUS Kickstarter Campaign. IRPMUS Ultimate Role Playing Game (URPG) introduced an innovative style of role playing by incorporating elements of RPGs, LARPs and improv.
A Matter of Time
A Matter of TimeShort Story
This short story was fueled by my love of horror and zombies. “A Matter of Time” is a dark tale where we don’t always live “happily ever after.”
StepfatherShort Story
“Stepfather” is a story about a young girl named Amanda, her mother and unkind stepfather. It won first place in an online short story competition, and was recognized for its unique ending.